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Septic-Flow Shock for Septic Tank Deadpan Locked-Up Soil In Drainfield- Liquid 1 Gallon

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Product Description

Free Your Deadpan Soil That Has Been Locked Up From Sodium Buildup!

Save $6953 with Our DIY Products.

If your septic tank is backed-up, hold off on resorting to an pricey repair service. We have an effective and inexpensive solution for you. Septic-Flow liquid shock treatment for clogged septic tanks helps to loosen the soil surrounding your drain field. There's no need to call an expensive repair man just yet! Septic Field lock-ups are common and most often, the issue can be resolved with the use of liquid shock being poured down the drain, toilet or distribution box and over the area that covers your drain field. Learn more about drain fields and treatment methods.

 Septic-Flow Shock™ for Septic Tank Uses:

  • Shocks Alkaline & Phosphate Soil Buildup
  • Reduces "Deadpan" or Locked Up Soil
  • Helps Start Flow if Septic Tank is Backed-Up, as well as if Drain Field is Clogged
  • Eco Friendly

Application Instructions:

  • 3-5 Gallons total per avg. 1000-1500 Gal Septic Tank. One Gallon Every 6 Months for Maintenance. 
  • Shock Treatment Use 2-4 gallons via toilet or via d-box.
  • For septic drain fields NOT MOVING (toilets backing up and tank constantly fill) Application can also be done by poking holes above the drain field lines with 8"-12" spaced every 2-3 feet apart and pouring product into each hole.

Prior to using this product, you should always read the entire label including all cautions.


What is Septic-Flow?

Septic-Flow is NOT an enzyme or bacteria. Enzymes and bacteria have a great place in a septic system but they do nothing to address sodium build-up in the drain-field soil. This build-up cause the soil to lock up and not accept drain-field water over time.

Septic-Flow is not new science. It is a tried and true method to get your septic field flowing again. In simple terms it is a chemical product used since the 1950's to help soften or loosen the soil surrounding a septic tank if the septic tank clogged to get it flowing again. It helps reverse "deadpan" or "hard soil" that has formed after years of sodium building up in the soil from the use of washing machine and laundry detergents, body and hand soaps with thousands of gallons a year pouring into your septic field that slowly accumulates sodium build-up over time, causing the soil to harden and not accept any more water or bio-nutrients from your septic system into the soil. Once the soil locks up, there is little left to do but dig up the entire drain-field system and install a costly new one.

Now you have a simple and inexpensive solution to digging up your entire clogged septic tank caused by locked-up soil.

How Do I Use Septic-Flow If My Septic Tank Clogged?

To Shock Slow or Sluggish Septic Systems:

Start with 3 gallons of product. Use 1 gallon of product via the toilet, sink or drain closest to the septic system outlet. Next Apply 1 gallon of product into the drain field soil directly. After 1 week add another 1 gallon.. Flush freely with water to distribute it throughout the septic system drain field.

For Drain and Leach Field Maintenance:

Use 1 gallon every 6 months via the toilet or nearest drain closest to the septic tank.

Restoring a Leach System or a Septic Tank That Clogged:

Start with 2-4 gallons of product. Apply minimum of 2 gallons of product into the toilet or distribution box on week 1. Apply the final 1-2 gallons via the toilet after 2 weeks. 
The directions may need to be repeated for seriously slow or completely “locked” soil, especially clay type soils.
Septic tanks can be hazardous as noxious gasses can form in the septic tank. Opening the tank may release these gasses, and precautions should be taken to ensure you do not breathe these gasses.  If in doubt have a professional service your tank with our products.

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Product Reviews

  1. Works as stated

    Posted by Mike

    I had major issue on a newly installed drain field (new home) a few months after occupancy about 15 years ago. There was minor clay in soil. I came across Septic Flow Shock online and decided to try it. I followed the directions using 5 gallons of it. It worked! I never have had an issue since. I have maintained the septic / drain field since by adding a gallon of it every six months.

  2. thanks so much!!

    Posted by Jackie L. Danielsville GA

    i was amazed to speak to a Representative who actually cared about the problem I had with my system, we got it working again and and I will continue using septic flow to maintain my system. thanks again for being caring people

  3. worked for me!!!

    Posted by Judith C. Huntsville AL.

    we are truly blessed to find septic flow, our system was barely moving and there was no way in this economy we could afford to have our system dug up and replaced. we shocked our system just like they directed and within a few weeks our system was moving back to normal. Now that we have found you guys we will treat our system regularly. Thanks so very much!!!

  4. This stuff is absolutely amazing!

    Posted by Donna B. Florida

    This stuff is absolutely amazing! I really didn't have much faith in this product, but thought I would give it a try before spending thousands on a new drainfield. It worked!!! No more drains backing up and it only took a few weeks. Thank you so much for an outstanding product.

  5. The water Softener solution

    Posted by John D'Avella

    If you have a water softener and a septic tank, and the one drains into the other, then you can either use this product or pay for a new drain field.

  6. Saved me tons of $$!

    Posted by Jean T.

    We have had septic problems for over 7 years no on and off. We have tried powders form Home Depot and three different septic contractors. All three contractors said we needed a new drain field and possibly a new tank. We searched the internet and found your company. We applied the Septic Flow Shock product onto the drainfield soil and into the septic tank itself. The product did not work right away. We called and you said to treat again and give it another two to three weeks. Well it took four but the drainfield is entirely restored thanks to your great product! Save me tons of $$$ and aggravation from overflow of my laundry etc. Thanks so much!

  7. What a great product!!

    Posted by Nat K. Savannah, GA

    What a great product!! The area in my yard that was soft and had water pooling especially after a lawn mower would go over it, as it was never draining properly. We applied your product to the soil and in the "dbox" as you instructed. All I can say is that your product helped me and my husband take care of our pooling problem on our own for less than $300. This septic flow product really works! Our entire family thanks you so much!

  8. It worked wonders in just a few weeks!

    Posted by Jason Rovino, Buffalo, NY

    I had some problems with my septic for a few years. Finally my drain field was starting to show mud in my front yard from the lack of proper septic drainage. I had several contractors come a look at it. They suggested a full replacement of the drain field pipes for $3,900. I decided to find something on the Internet and tried this product. It worked wonders in just a few weeks! Much appreciated!

  9. Many thanks Septic Flow you saved me $6,700!!

    Posted by Bobby Tompkins

    My septic system is over 15 years old. We have never really done much to treat the septic tank other than have it pumped about every 5 years or so. In the last 6 months we have been having problems with our septic tank filling up and have had it pumped several times in the last two months. The septic people say we need a new drain field and a big cost. I wanted to try something different before spending the money during these tough economic times.

    After talking with several contractors they said my drainfield was getting clogged by local clays seizing up with alkaline soaps from our laundry and showers etc. Your septic-flow shock product did the trick to balance the soil and get it moving again! Many thanks Septic Flow you saved me $6,700!!

  10. Can't belive how well it worked

    Posted by D. Stevenson, OH

    Rarely do I write a review but after having my septic tank pumped 3 times at the cost of $750 only to be told that my soil was "frozen up" and the entire septic field need to be replaced for $5,400 did I try your product. All I can say is that it was the best $299 I have ever spent. My drainfield is back to normal after just 2 treatments. Many thanks!!

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