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Now there is a simple and inexpensive solution to digging up your entire septic system caused by locked-up soil.

What is Septic-Flow?

Septic-Flow is NOT an enzyme or bacteria. Enzymes and bacteria have a great place in a septic system for monthly digestion of wastes and solids, however they do nothing to address sodium (soap) build-up in the drain-field soil. The average houshold of 3-5 people injects over 60lbs of sodium salts into the septic system anually. Over time this causes significant build-up in the dranfield soil causing it to lock up and not accept effluent water over time. Enzymes simply do not address this problem.

Septic-Flow is not new science. It is a tried and true method to get your septic field flowing again. In simple terms it is a chemical product used since the 1950's developed by Ortho to help soften or loosen the soil surrounding your septic system to get it flowing again. It helps reverse "deadpan" or "hard soil" that has formed after years of sodium building up in the soil from the use of washing machine and laundry detergents, body and hand soaps with thousands of gallons a year pouring into your septic field that slowly accumulates sodium build-up over time, causing the soil to harden and not accept any more water or bio-nutrients from your septic system into the soil.

Once the soil locks up, there is little left to do but dig up the entire drain-field system and install a costly new one.