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See How Our Products Have Solved Many Septic Drain Field Problems

Real Customer Stories


Bobby Tompkins, AL.

"I've had septic drain field problems for a while before I did something about it.  My septic system is over 15 years old. We have never really done much to treat the septic tank other than have it pumped about every 5 years or so. In the last 6 months we have been having problems with our septic tank filling up and have had it pumped several times in the last two months. The septic people say we need a new drain field and a big cost. I wanted to try something different before spending the money during these tough economic times.

After talking with several contractors they said my drainfield was getting clogged by local clays seizing up with alkaline soaps from our laundry and showers etc. Your septic-flow shock product did the trick to balance the soil and get it moving again! Many thanks Septic Flow you saved me $6,700!!

We will be using your product on a maintenance basis from now on. Thank you!!"

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Real Customer Stories

Jason Rovino, Buffalo, NY

"I had some septic drain field problems for a few years. Finally my drain field was starting to show mud in my front yard from the lack of proper septic drainage. I had several contractors come a look at it. They suggested a full replacement of the drain field pipes for $3,900. I decided to find something on the Internet and tried this product. It worked wonders in just a few weeks and no more septic drain field problems! Much appreciated! "



Real Customer Stories

Nat K., Savannah, GA. 

"What a great product!! The area in my yard that was soft and had water pooling especially after a lawn mower would go over it, as it was never draining properly. We applied your product to the soil and in the "dbox" as you instructed. All I can say is that your product helped me and my husband take care of our pooling problem on our own for less than $300. This septic flow product really worked for our septic drain field problems! Our entire family thanks you so much!"


Real Customer Stories

Gerry I., Kansas City, Kansas

"We had developed an extremely bad drain problem with our downstairs bathroom. We called a professional and they wanted $500.00 to pump our tank. I ordered your enzyme product over the Internet and have to say WOW. It worked to get our drains unclogged and system flowing again. Thank you!!"




Real Customer Stories

Mike Gibbs, Septic Technician, Glendale, AZ., Mikes Septic Service

"Your company has helped many of our customers with septic drain field problems free up clogged drain fields and septic tanks when they could not afford our services to either pump a septic tank or re-install a failed drainfield. Instead we have become resellers of your product and offer it as a solution for financially strapped customers. During this economy it has helped both my company and helped us reatin a customer. Thanks!"


Real Customer Stories

Jean T.


"We have had septic drain field problems for over 7 years no on and off. We have tried powders form Home Depot and three different septic contractors. All three contractors said we needed a new drain field and possibly a new tank. We searched the internet and found your company. We applied the Septic Flow Shock product onto the drainfield soil and into the septic tank itself. The product did not work right away. We called and you said to treat again and give it another two to three weeks. Well it took four but the drainfield is entirely restored thanks to your great product! Save me tons of $$$ and aggravation from overflow of my laundry etc. Thanks so much!"



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