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Septic Tank Treatment

Septic Tank Treatment from Septic Flow

Care For Your Spetic Tank with This Septic Tank Treatment

In order to most effectively perform septic tank treatment, you should follow the steps outlined in the treatment guide.

Using Septic Flow to perform septic tank treatment will help treat your system by clearing out residue from washing machine and laundry detergents, and hand soaps as well as other waste products. It also works at preserving your system against future clogging and build-up. We offer a great deal on our Septic Flow Shock Treatment and it can be found on our Septic Tank Treatment Products page.

To properly perform an effective spetic tank treatment, do the following once you purchase the shock treatment:

  • Start with 5 gallons of product. Apply minimum of 1-2 gallons thru sink or toilet system. 
  • Apply the final 3-4 gallons via the distribution box / cleanout or septic tank opening. For waterlogged systems, try to drain off as much excess water as possible before treatment.
  • Use a hose and add 40-80 gallons of water to the distribution box with the product to ensure it makes it through the drain fields entire system.  If you can not access the distribution or "D-Box", it may be necessary to add additional product via the toilet or sink.