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Septic Odor Eliminator

Pure Green Kleen™ is a concentrated blend of natural enzymes specifically designed to assist in removing and eliminating septic odors, pet odors, dirt, and all types of stains.green-kleen32.jpg

What is Pure Green Kleen™? 

Pure Green Kleen™ is an natural enzyme cleaner used to eliminate septic odors, pet odors and stains.  It digests grease and other organic matter.  Cleans and deodorizes floors, walls, chrome and other surfaces not harmed by water.   It can be used with pressurized, mechanical and manual systems or in conjunction with hand sprayers, mops or cloth.

*The best water temperature is warm water about 90 degrees.

  • Non-Toxic
  • Effective against mold, mildew and pet odors
  • Drys clear on window surfaces

Pure Kleen Green™  contains no bacteria and is extremely concentrated, readily biodegradable product deriving its efficacy from natural enzymes.

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